Fluid AIR


From beginner to expert the AIR does it all.
This is a friendly kite that doesn’t do anything you don’t expect.  It’s perfectly balanced between power delivery, depower range and turning speed.

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The Fluid kiteboarding AIR is a kite that perfectly aligns with today’s demand of kitesurfers. Why choose between a wave-riding, free-ride, free-style or boosting session.

The AIR is our new 3 strut All-round shape kite.

This kite offers easy handling, smooth power delivery and as all-round as it gets.


The AIR is very responsive to bar input on-point turning, speed and easy on the power and depower stroke. Making it the smoothest ride you will ever experience.

We’ve tested numerous of bridles on the AIR and found the perfect balance.


The Fluid kiteboarding AIR is so predictable that every tester we gave the kite to started doing kiteloops with it within the first 30 minutes on the kite!  Even riders that had never done loops before started doing them controlled and comfortably with the AIR.


The Fluid kiteboarding AIR is the perfect partner to make progression with.  It’s easy to find the sweet spot and very easy on rider mistakes.

For those who dream of wave riding sessions the AIR is a perfect option too.  It’s responsive, drifts well and you can make those tight and sharp turns without being yanked off your board.


The AIR is perfect for all levels of riders!  Giving you exactly what you need. No wonder we take it out for a spin every occasion we get.

The AIR  has 2 AOA settings.

  • STANDARD – The most allround setting for
  • WAVE – Less lift and more forward speed. ideal for schools, waveriding and foiling
Why choose between one style when you can have it all?

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7m, 9m, 12m

Control Bar System

No control bar, Fluid Control Bar


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