Prolimit C Series Steamer 4/3mm Short Leg

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The C-series are Prolimit’s creation for the progressive rider. Styling is eye-catching and completely made out of limestone-based, high-stretch, and water-repellant neoprene. All seams are glued and non-stitched. Stronger, flexible, non-sticky and sleeker than anything out there.

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What is a steamer wetsuit? A ‘Steamer’ is a wetsuit with sealed seams, usually achieved by blind stitching. This stops the majority of cold water from re-entering the suit once your body has initially heated it up. The C3 is a glued and blind stitched progressive styled cold-water wetsuit loaded with all the high- end features all our styles have. Triple Glued and blind stitched, heat taped on all seam stress points, water repellant neoprene in various color styles.


  • 5 Way Flex Knee – Designed for high wear resistance.
  • Airflex2 – 350% stretch.
  • Short Zip – Allows more stretch while minimizing water leakage
  • Water Repellent Coating – Reduces the wind-chill factor.

5 Way Flex Knee

The 5 way flex knee protection designed for high wear resistance. Ergonomically shaped and extremely stretchy.


Prolimit constructed the Airflex2 neoprene. The most flexible neoprene available with 350% stretch. Made out of Airflex2 neoprene is offering incredible flexibility and minimal resistance while moving. On certain ranges and area’s Airflex2 is used strategically for maximum flexibility. On our high end series our suits are completely made out of Airflex2 neoprene.

Fitted Collar

Easily recognizable by it’s U shape we created a collar which is undoubtedly the most comfortable feeling wetsuit collar on the market. Releasing the pressure on your throat and still being extremely flexible, wide adjustability with a secure lock down.

Short Zip

Many of our competitors are making super stretch neoprene and at the same time using a long zipper which won’t stretch at all. Due to the improvements in technology we have been able to reduce the length of the vertical zippers in these wetsuits. The reduced length V-Zip allows more stretch while minimizes water leakage and, offers the easy access of a traditional vertical back zip wetsuit.

Water Block

Prolimit’s water barrier that blocks out water for maximum performance in cold to frigid conditions. Prolimit is using 4 different waterblock systems, Waterblock vest, Waterblock collar, Waterblock uphaul and Waterblock on the different series.

Water Repellent Coating

Wind-chill is the biggest reason for having cold suits. On double lined suits, the outer layer is made out of fabric which absorbs water and gives the wind-chill. This is called evaporative cooling. Prolimit uses a water repellent coating which avoids the fabric to absorb water and reduces the wind-chill factor significantly.

Water Seal Cuff

Prolimit’s water seal cuff is the perfect water seal. The arm cuff seal eliminates over expansion and seal out water.


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