HQ Hydra II 420

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The 420 is the 4.2m size of the Hydra 2 series. On Sale! Prices in $CAD
The HQ Hydra 2 is the only foil trainer kite that can be used on both land and water, which makes it ideal for snowkiting, kite-landboarding, kitesurf training, and for use on stand up paddleboards and kayaks. The 420 is the 4.2m size of the Hydra 2 series.


HQ Power Kites proudly introduced the HQ Hydra model in 2009, the world`s first and only water re-launchable, foil trainer kite. Now the Hydra II is here with a new vent system, reduced bridle, and redesigned cell structure for increased performance. The HQ Hydra II 420 trainer kite lets you accomplish something no other trainer kite has ever done before. It lets you train, body drag, and do kiteboarding in every environment including in the WATER. The Hydra 420 is the largest model in the lineup and will generate massive power in ways other open-cell trainer kites will never do. The Hydra 420 trainer kite is extremely stable and easy to fly even with its ability to generate lots of power. Its closed cell ram–air foil architecture has no bladders to inflate or replace and yet it floats on water as if it was inflated. The HQ Hydra II 420 Closed Cell system now features an internal drainage system with dirt-outs so you can remove debris. The Hydra’s reduced bridle is stitched Dyneema for added strength.

The HQ Hydra II 420 can relaunch your fallen trainer kite in any position even backwards off the water; with just a pop of the 3rd line you will get back to flying in no time. Another feature is the third line safety system which uses the third line to fold the kite inward depowering it and letting it fall safely to earth which makes it perfect for use by absolute beginners. The Hydra 420 flies great in low winds, and generates plenty of pull for body drag. Other activities when the wind is strong like snowkiting, or stand up paddle boarding are now possible. The HQ Hydra 420 offers true and safe kiteboarding power at an affordable price no one can match.

The Hydra II 420 comes complete with control bar, lines (3), wrist leash and carry bag

CAUTION: These kites can create tremendous pull which can be dangerous for the inexperienced pilot. Purchaser accepts all liability for their safe and proper use.


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