HQ Hydra II 350

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The only foil kiteboarding trainer kite that can be used/relaunched in water, The HQ Hydra-II 350 -perfect for body dragging and the ultimate learning experience – and once the training is done it can continue to be used for more fun in the water with anything from paddle boards to canoes and even inner-tubes.


The Hydra II is the latest generation of HQ’s most popular trainer kite. HQ has created a kite with improved flying performance and responsiveness, providing more power through the turns. The Closed Cell Technology allows reliable water relaunches and makes the Hydra II the most versatile trainer kite for lessons on land or in the water. Hydra II allows novices to concentrate on the essentials. A newly developed cell structure provides maximum durability in hard training sessions and the third line provides an effective safety system and allows easy landing and reverse relaunching.

The HQ Hydra II 350 (3.5m) can relaunch your fallen trainer kite in any position even backwards off the water; with just a pop of the 3rd line you will get back to flying in no time. Another feature is the third line safety system which uses the third line to fold the kite inward depowering it and letting it fall safely to earth which makes it perfect for use by absolute beginners. The Hydra 350 flies great in low winds, and generates plenty of pull for body drag. Other activities when the wind is strong like snowkiting, or stand up paddle boarding are now possible. The HQ Hydra 350 offers true and safe kiteboarding power at an affordable price no one can match.


  • reduced bridling for more performance
  • newly developed cell structure for maximum durability
  • new vent system
  • improved aerodynamics

The Hydra II 350 (3.5m)comes complete with control bar, lines (3), wrist leash and carry bag

CAUTION: These kites can create tremendous pull which can be dangerous for the inexperienced pilot. Purchaser accepts all liability for their safe and proper use.


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