HQ Harness Loop


The harness loop attaches to your control bar via the two velcro closures. This will attach to any control bar. Perfect for trainer kites utilizing 2 lines, 3 lines, or 4 lines. Great for the Hydra and Rush power kites.


This harness loop features a quick release mechanism on one side which would allow you to separate from the harness quickly in an emergency situation. Pulling the red release blows the connection and immediately separates the control bar from the harness to avoid accidentally dragging. Upon this type of release, the primary kite leash would take over to avoid having the kite fly to far downwind.

A harness loop (AKA: D-Loop) allows you to hook the control bar into your kiteboarding harness via the stainless steel spreader bar on the front of the harness (see our selection of kiteboarding harnesses by clicking here).

Utilizing a harness allows you to fly the kite with one hand, therefore, using the other hand to assist with your board, etc. The harness also allows you to fly longer with less fatigue as the pull of the kite is transferred into your harness at your center of gravity. No need to grip the bar. You can relax your grip and steer the kite effortlessly!


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