Blade Mist 2015


A Glory Kiteboarding favorite kite, the Mist is a pleaser in so many ways.  Purchase our used shop demo Mist 11m now for 650CAD.  Add a used Blade Unibar V2 for only $200! (Reg 589.99) Both the kite and the bar/lines are in good condition with no repairs or anything to speak of. Love this kite!

The Mist is Blade’s easy riding freestyle machine and one of our personal favorite kites at Glory Kiteboarding.

Check out the 10/10 score in the recent review of the Blade Mist kite by iKitesurf Mag by clicking here

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Blade introduces the Mist for 2014/2015 – It is designed for committed and ambitious riders who aspire to a higher level of riding in ALL conditions.

This action packed C-kite has some serious grunt to propel you to new heights and help take your riding to new levels. At the essence of the design are the Sharp Contoured Wingtips, which effectively minimize the bridle system, making the kite very reactive to user input, but highly stable and forgiving to unwanted forces. Another great combo feature for freestyle and wakestyle riders alike is the ability to give an explosive pop, but also continuous pull throughout the trick. This helps with stabilizing yourself throughout the trick and more importantly to offer a controlled and smooth landing.


• Explosive and consistently powerful

• 5 rigid struts for added stability and control

• Designed for high-end performance in all conditions

• Solid construction to withstand extreme crashes

• Bridle reduction wingtips for direct steering

Kite Sizes: 7 / 9 / 11 / 13

The bridle system is always a challenge on C-type kites. The bridle’s main purpose is to provide support for the leading edge (LE) and decrease the size of the LE, which translates to a better turning kite. But for C- type kites, you would like to have a short bridle system to provide more directness and stability. This year Blade’s design team had a major breakthrough in the design of the unique wingtips, which enabled us to further shorten the bridle system. It’s probably one of the shortest on the market! This combination provides outstanding directness and superb turning characteristics.

Additional information

Control Bar

No bar, Used Blade Unibar V2

Kite Size

Used 11m

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