Blade Fat Lady V4 + 50% off 2016 Trigger Promo!


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Buy a Blade Fat Lady V4 and receive 50% off a 2016 Blade Trigger kite, size of your choice!
Plus: Add the new Blade Unibar V2 discounted to $430 (Reg: $569.99!)


The Blade Fat Lady V4

This is a quick way to build an amazing quiver at an amazing price! See reviews of the 2016 Blade Trigger in the description below…you'll be glad you did!

“This is by far one of the best kites this year!” Check out the review of the Fat Lady V3 (and this new V4 is even better!!) by The KiteBoarder Magazine by clicking here.

Select your options below and get ready to ride, always!

Includes a new XL MaxFlow pump! (A $60 value!!)

Aaaaaah those light wind days. What’s better than going to the beach on a calm day, setting up a towel on the warm sand, getting out your Fat Lady kite and ripping through the air with tremendous power. The new 4th generation Fat Lady has even more upwind to help you fly through the air and add new high-level tricks to your collection, courtesy of its extreme quick-turning and responsiveness abilities. The Max Flow quick-inflation system and the Cross-Fiber Ripstop for better durability, make sure you can keep your focus on what’s important– going out there and shredding the water with a big smile on your face!

Light-wind days can be just as fun as any other. Powerful and efficient, the Fat Lady has led the field in light wind kiteboarding. It’s not just designed to keep you upwind, additionally it’s focused on letting you pull off your usual bag of tricks and shred on the water with a big smile on your face. Every one of Blade’s kites is designed to be ultra-responsive, fast and quick turning.

• Powerfully efficient
• Ultra-thin LE
• Amazing low-end performance
• Impressively responsive and quick turning

Kite Size: 17m

How to differentiate the Blade Fat Lady from the rest of the wanna-be fun light-wind kites in the market:
1) Quick turning lets you have fun in light winds and not just a boring slow kite.
2) Jumping and performing freestyle tricks is exactly what the FL is designed to do. It’s not designed to simply stay upwind.
3) Low AR – helps to easily relaunch the kite.
4) Minimal Material – less fabric used per meter squared than any of our other kites.
5) Ultra thin LE is a crucial design characteristic! – This makes the kite loose and dynamic, increasing the fun factor and giving the rider the feeling of a 12m kite as opposed to a big 17m! Woohoo!


The 2016 Blade Trigger

The Blade Trigger is back for another season, currently in its 8th consecutive year and getting better as it goes along! The 8th generation is not going to disappoint. See the recent Kiteboarder Magazine’s review of the amazing 2016 Blade Trigger by clicking here

iKsurfmag also was incredibly pleased by the awesomeness of the 2016 Blade Trigger, see what they had to say by clicking here!

At the core of the design is super quick turning and efficient power delivery, making the Trigger a truly user friendly kite. All new Blade kites now come with the new mega-efficient pump and their new MAXFLOW valves (see image in gallery for more info and illustration)

The 2016 Blade Trigger like the 5th generation continues to offer the variable bridal setting between normal (powered free-ride) and wave riding (surf freedom) only this year we have seen a revision of the LE shape so as to make it even more relaunch friendly in the surf. This revision will also give each size a small increase of the Trigger’s already HUGE wind range.  Blade meticulously craft each size so as to make them all perfect. See the 2016 Blade Trigger product page by clicking here.


The Blade UniBar V2

Touted “One of the best bars in the market” by

After more than two years in the making and countless prototypes, the Uni Control Bar has finally arrived. Riders of all styles will find that the Uni provides the optimal link between rider and kite, offering not just sleek workmanship but ultimate performance.

Every individual component was subjected to thorough testing to ensure the highest integrity in terms of both quality and functionality.

Check out the Uni Control Bar’s own website by clicking here.

Limited time offer promotion. Only while quantities last. This promotion cannot be combined with other promotions and/or other sales.

Additional information

Kite control bar

No bar, Blade Unibar V2

Trigger kite size

7m, 8m, 9m, 10m, 12m, 14m

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