Local Spots

Local Kiteboarding Spots

Alberta may not have the great lakes or the ocean shore but it has many reservoirs and lakes along with frequent strong winds to make for some great kiteboarding. Although there are many good kiteboarding locations all around the province, the following are some of the more frequented kiteboarding spots:

Lake Keho – Near Barrons, AB. Lake Keho the Southern Alberta favorite for kiteboarding with many days of strong winds in the Spring, Summer and Fall months. The more regular dominant winds are from the SW. There are a few spots on the north side of the lake to launch from including Kite Beach, Kehokipa, and Kite Ranch.

Gull Lake – Close to Sylvan Lake, Gull lake offers a little more area and less congested play space. Gull is located just north of Sylvan and has a couple great beaches for setting up your kite. Gull Lake is one of the more accommodating lakes in AB for kiteboarding at due to larger launch areas and shallow water and sandy bottom.

Pigeon Lake – Located east of Wetaskiwin, it is a great place to ride SE winds (from Golden Days beach).

Buffalo Lake – A very nice lake that is located NW of Stettler, AB

Eagle Lake – Situated SE of Strathmore, Eagle lake is a decent kiteboarding spot that is fairly close to Calgary. There are a few launch spots around the lake including the campground (private and with many amenities but a confined launch space, so be careful and courteous) on the SE corner of the lake (when wind is W, NW, N). Also, a launch area on the NW corner of the lake (when wind is S, SW, SE, E) near the tree nursery which is private land so be courteous and respectful of the residents in order to maintain the permission to have access there.

The Old Man Dam – A really great place where there is even a local kite festival held every July. This location is near Pincher Creek, AB

Sylvan Lake – One of Alberta’s hot-spots for summer recreation Sylvan Lake is located 20km west of Red Deer.

McGregor Lake – Situated near Milo, AB this Lake is a great kiteboarding spot for any wind direction due to it’s many launch spots situated around the lake.

Lake Newell – Just south of Brooks, AB, this is a superb kiting spot in all wind directions with many launch areas around the lake. Newell boast many spits, inlets and islands so to offer a lot of flat water conditions.

Pine Coulee Reservoir – Situated west of Stavely, AB this reservoir provides a great scenic kiting experience for all wind directions but known to be best when blowing due west.

Cooking Lake – Located SE of Edmonton, this super shallow lake is a much used and enjoyed area for snowkiting on in the winter.

Spray Lakes – Located just south of Canmore. Normally the wind is quite consistent here during the snowkiting season.

Chestermere – Situated just 5 minutes east of Calgary on Highway 1A. This small lake is great for snowkiting on weekday afternoons as it is close to Calgary.

Ghost Lake – Home of the Ghost Lake Sailing Club, this close little reservoir is a great place to meet with a westerly wind for kiteboarding in the water (~skilled kiters only) or snowkiting.

Cochrane Lake – Located north of Cochrane, AB,  along highway 22, this small lake is a great snowkiting spot when local Chinooks blow.

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