Extensive Kite Repair

Extensive Kite Repair

A kite can cost a small fortune, so instead of throwing it away, you may wish to put some new life into it by having it repaired.

We offer a very professional express service for the extensive repair of any type or make of kite – even specializing in catastrophic destruction to inflatables and foils.

Our repairer has been repairing paragliders since 1995 and traction and inflatable kites since 2000 and holds a large stock of materials…such as ripstop nylon, dacron as well as various spectra and kevlar products along with paraglider and kite bridal and power lines. Furthermore we are capable of sourcing and replacing full OEM panels if the damage is extensive.

All repairs are done with precision and the final repair area will be as strong or stronger than the original condition. We only use approved materials and fabrics and the repaired areas are sewn with bonded polyester UV and mildew resistant thread.

By having your kite repaired with Glory Kiteboarding, you’re ensuring your kite will be as strong, and fly as well as it did before the damage was done. Furthermore, most repaired areas are barely noticeable due to the large color selection of materials available in stock.

For repair quotes please send an email to describing the repair needed, the make, model and year of the kite along with attached digital images that will depict the damage. We will follow to reply as soon as possible with your potential quote.

We get it done right! Satisfaction guaranteed!

Damaged kite before repair

Repaired kite that’s ready to rock once again!


All pricing in CAD$ $20 Flat Shipping to most Canada destinations and $25 flat shipping to most USA destinations. Dismiss