Why take Lessons?

Why Take Lessons?

A good instructor will save you from possible injury and probable embarrassment. Besides saving face and your butt, here are 6 other reasons to take lessons.

1 Demolish the Learning Curve. Sure you’re a wakeboarder/surfer/snowboarder/ballerina, but that doesn’t mean you can fly a kite not to mention putting the two together and learn how to sail. A good instructor will help you use what you’ve learned from other sports (and the bad habits they potentially bring), drastically reducing the learning curve.

2 Save Serious Coin. Lessons save time and money. Without the right-size kite, you will end up trashing your gear. Schools have many different sizes and styles of kites, so why not learn on and trash their gear instead?

3 Guidance. Instructors know about all the latest gear and will share tips that would have taken you months to discover. Plus, most have been on the scene since day one, so they can introduce you to all the local kiters.

4 Protection. Not knowing what you’re doing while flying a kite can put others in harm’s way and might even hurt you – not to mention that injuring others is not a great way to impress the local kiters, who do their best to keep the public spaces safe and available for kiteboarding.

5 Stress-free shopping. A good instructor/school will know the perfect kite(s) and board for you weight, size and style, saving you hours of frustration. And they may even be able to cut you a deal on your first purchase (up to 50% of your lessons fee with Glory Kiteboarding!).

6 Positive Experience. This may be the most important issue as you will have fun and learn in a safe and nurturing environment.

Sourced from Kiteboarding Magazine – Intro to Kiteboarding

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