Snowkiting Lessons

Snowkiting is another amazing way to enjoy the wind with kites. From frozen lakes and rivers to snow-filled mountains and fields – this sport delivers amazing adventure and adrenaline.

Have you ever dreamed of cruising up a hill, instead of down it? Ever wanted to ride all day long never stopping to ride a chairlift? Have you looked across flat powder fields and thought to yourself, “What a waste of snow…”?

Snowkiting answers all of these questions and even opens up more opportunities to explore. All you need is a good breeze of wind and a power kite and you’ll be ready. Snowkiting is the fastest growing winter sport, and with good reason, it is so much fun!

Snowkiting is exciting, accessible and a slightly easier sport to learn than its water relative, kiteboarding. If you have a set of skis or a snowboard you are already half way there in getting geared up. From there all you need is a leading edge inflatable or foil kite, a harness and most importantly a helmet and your ready to go. Large open spaces like fields or frozen lakes with a healthy layer of snow and some wind is all you need.  This makes the Alberta winters ideal!  And the best part is no need for chairlifts or lift tickets! See a snowkiting FAQ by clicking here.

Although the learning curve is not quite as steep as learning to kiteboard in the water, a lesson is still highly recommended before going off and snowkiting on your own. As soon as the weather permits we will be offering snowkite lessons. We also sell foil kites that are ideal for snowkiting: the Concept Air Smart Kite.

Most people can learn to snowkite within one full day with the help of an experienced and certified instructor. After a season or so of practicing your kite-flying skills, you will be ready to ride up-hill using the kite to pull you and be able to further enjoy extreme snowkiting in the foothills and in the mountains.


All necessary kiting equipment is supplied for the lessons although you must bring  your own skis and/or snowboard equipment and proper winter apparel. The complete snowkiting course usually takes about 4-5  hours so it can be completed in one day depending on wind availability. Most snowkiting lessons will take place in the greater Calgary area. Wind direction and snow conditions will determine exact lesson location.

The snowkiting course complete is $260 tax incl. This complete course includes the intro to power-kiting and the theory and safety practices involved and then eventually moves on to integrating skis or snowboard to learn to safely snowkite.

In the snowkiting preseason we host snowkite prep courses which are a nice way to be introduced to kiting, with the warmer weather, and this course will have you ready for snowkiting for the entire available winter season. This land-kiteboarding course requires mountain boards (supplied by Glory Kiteboarding School) with the kites to simulate snowkiting; it works great and landboarding is a lot of fun. After a student learns to properly kiteboard with a mountain board it is an easy transition to the snow for the snowkiting season and as a bonus, the student has learned to land-kiteboard with a mountain board.

After you finish the course and you wish to purchase a kite (or two) for yourself, Glory Kiteboarding School will reimburse *50% of your course fees towards your purchase of your new kite so you can continue riding out your winter and enjoying the snow! (*some restrictions may apply)

Snowkites have been used by mountaineers on arctic expeditions for years. They use the kites to easily pull the rider and gear sleds across miles of frozen tundra. Distances of 20 miles have been covered in less than an hour’s time with snowkites. More importantly, snowkites open up riding potential right in our backyards. With as little as a few inches of snow, a soccer field can turn into a freestyle snow park, ready to be ridden with the aid of the wind!


To it sum up: You will start your day with a short safety briefing before being familiarized with the equipment – kite, harness, bar, etc. Then it’s time to have some fun! You will learn to fly and control kites which will get you used to the power that the kites generate. Once your kite skills are developed it is time to get you onto the board/skis to enjoy your first runs.


The minimum age is 14. There is no specific requirements regarding maximum size but you will need to fit into a harness, please check with us when booking if you have concerns regarding this. If you have a particular medical condition that you think may affect your ability to do the course, please check with the us when signing up.


The course period is ~5 hours.

What to Wear / Equipment

All kiting specific equipment will be supplied – this includes kite, board, harness. You must bring a suitable helmet and proper winter apparel according to the potential weather for the planned lesson day.

Group Size / Spectators

Group sizes vary but will usually be 2 – 4 students per instructor. Spectators are welcome but please listen to the instructors as to where the safest place to stand and watch is.


Snowkiting is weather dependent, you need snow and wind! Please make sure you call us either the day before or on the actual day of your course to check that your lessons are going ahead.


Most of our Snowkiting lessons happen from December – April but if the case there is no snow during some of the winter months the landboarding courses can take place (same content as the Snowkiting lesson course). The lessons take place most weekends and during the week.

Glory Kiteboarding School’s snowkiting lessons take place in and around Calgary, Edmonton, Red Deer and elsewhere. For more information or to sign-up for your lessons please CLICK HERE to register online – or feel free to purchase a voucher/gift certificate for another below:

All pricing in CAD$ $20 Flat Shipping to most Canada destinations and $25 flat shipping to most USA destinations. Dismiss