Kitesurfing Lessons

Kiteboarding in an exciting and fast growing sport! Don’t let another season pass you by without trying it. With the right conditions and proper instruction, just about anyone can become a kiteboarder if they put their mind to it. Its a low-impact sport that takes more coordination and balance than actually strength. Because of this it can be a lifetime activity. We know kiteboarders well into their 60’s and 70’s.

Kitesurfing (kiteboarding on the water) is definitely the most fun and rewarding kiteboarding experience. To get on the current student roster for kitesurfing, you must first have completed our snowkiting or land-kiteboarding course as a prerequisite (sign-up here!). Having completed one of the fore-mentioned courses will have you very ready to competently continue to learn the more difficult kitesurfing course with Glory Kiteboarding School. Kiteboarding is our passion, and soon it will be yours too.


Below are just a few reasons to take a lesson from Glory Kiteboarding School! Our instructors are professional and have years of kiting experience. GKB School’s Kitesurfing lessons are regularly offered in Central and Southern Alberta.

Reasons to take a kiteboarding lesson:

– Safety

Taking lessons will familiarize you with the safety aspects of the sport and how your equipment works. Knowing this means a safer experience for yourself and those around you.

– Save $$$ on Gear

When you take a lesson, a portion of your lesson is credited toward the cost of new equipment.

– Jump start your learning experience

Teaching yourself how to kite can take much longer and be extremely dangerous. The quickest and safest way to become a kiteboarder is to take lessons – any kiteboarder will say so. Why go about it with trial and error wasting time and risking injury when you can take lessons from certified professional instructors with years of kiting experience. Our instructors will teach you things that can dramatically speed (an understatement) up your learning curve all while keeping a safe environment.

– Ruin someone else’s gear while you learn : )

A big perk of taking a lesson is the use of school equipment. We teach on brand new 2012 gear so you can be sure it is the safest and most advance gear on the market however the learning process does take a toll on kites. Your first few time flying a kite hard crashes are likely to happen causing stress and a shortened life to a kite. Learn on our gear and then buy new gear for yourself when you’ve grown out of crashing the kite!

– Meet other like-minded kiteboarders

While kiteboarding along can easily be done, for the first few seasons it is very important to go about it in a “buddy system” way. Taking a lesson allows you to meet other kiters in the area to kite with and learn from. Instructors usually have a wealth of local knowledge on who to kite with, and where to kite each wind direction. This information along can be worth the lesson!

– Knowledge

Kiteboarding is not a sport you learn from reading a how to manual or watching a few DVD’s. No book or website can replace one on one instruction. Kiteboarding lessons will teach you valuable knowledge such as how to rig your lines, how to self launch your kite, how to relaunch your kite, how to kite safely, how to go upwind, etc.

– Learn in safe conditions

We cannot stress enough the importance of safety when learning to kite. If you start by yourself you will have no idea what kind of conditions are safe to learn in. How would you know if the wind is too strong, or even how to read the wind? Your kiteboarding instructor will take you to a beginner-safe beach that will make your learning experience safe and pleasant.

– Peace of mind

Taking kiteboarding lessons means a kiteboarding instructor is there to help when you need help. If anything unexpected happens they are there for you. Safety, safety, safety.

For more information and to sign-up for your lessons please CLICK HERE to register online.

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